Alloy Refresh have seen it all when it comes to diamond cut alloy wheel repairs. We customise and repair 1000’s of alloy wheels each year from our workshop.

The increasing complexity of alloy wheel designs has been an interesting challenge for Alloy Refresh. It has forced us to invest in our equipment and adapt our techniques to keep up with ever-changing diamond cut alloy wheel manufacturing processes. You can rely on us to provide diamond cut alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment services to any vehicle, regardless of size or age.

Diamond Cutting Alloy Wheels

Diamond cutting is the CNC machining process Alloy Refresh use to repair damaged diamond cut alloy wheels. The result is a smooth, flat and extremely shiny glass like finish to the edges of a rim or spoke. Occasionally diamond cut alloy wheels will have multicoloured or multi-textured surfaces in which case we would also combine our alloy wheel repair and alloy wheel refurbishment techniques to achieve total restoration of your wheel. We only use the diamond cutting CNC machining on certain areas of the wheel, the rest is standard alloy wheel repair and refurbishment techniques.

Our state of the art processes allows us to provide diamond cut alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services across the West Midlands. Our technicians can repair most types of damage to diamond cut alloy wheels, including buckled, bent, cracked, torn, scratched or scuffed rims. We can even customise your wheels to almost any specification. If you do fancy a change, there are thousands of different combinations available!

Repairing Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

All vehicles wheel surfaces are prone to corrosion and damage. All alloy wheels react if left exposed to the elements. Some finished are more durable than other but on the whole diamond cut alloy wheels are the most laborious to repair, by far the least durable and are probably most difficult to maintain, good news is they look very stylish!

Alloy Refresh can machine lightly damaged surfaces down to repair a diamond cut alloy wheel so you wouldn’t ever know the damage was ever there. For heavier damage, we use a variety of metal filling and welding applications to achieve great repair results on any diamond cut alloys, before we fully refurbish the rest of the wheel.


Contact Alloy Refresh Regarding Alloy Wheel Refurbishments

To chat with an alloy wheel refurbishment expert about your requirements, contact our office on 01902 451551 – Alternatively, you can email the office by clicking here. If you are looking to book your vehicle into our workshop for wheel repair or for a mobile service, please visit the bookings page.